This plugin for WordPress allows you to create your own query of posts and pages and displays the result wherever you like it on a page or post only by adding a shortcode to the page or post.

The great feature is, that you can use nearly all the capabilities of a WordPress query without having to change anything in the themecode of the page and this is completly independent from the internal WordPress-loop for the page.

You can query posts by custom defined taxonomies (if supported by your theme) as well as custom and standard catagories, post-types, meta-data and other parameters and combine them to your wishes.

An installed parser checks your input and supports you with error messages and helps you to form a correct query.

There are predefined output sections, that allow you to choose, what parts of information of your queryresults you want to show.

The output is styled with CSS-classes and has therefore a standard behaviour, that can be used without any changes by many themes. An extensive set of custom CSS-classes, which are bound to the query, allow you to customize the output of each query independently in nearly any way you like.

Most of the code is based on modern OOP-Technics (object orientated programming), that ensures a high stability of this plugin. Also the possibility of interfering with other plugins due to identical functionnames is very low.

An extensive documentation helps you to create your own queries in a short time.

This is a free version with only limited output capabilities.

The Premium version gives you more capabilities for output and also provides an administration panel for entering your queries, storing them in a database (keeps your pagecontent to edit shorter and more clearly) and a ‘on the fly' syntaxcheck. It also shows you the SQL-statement WordPress generates to query the database.

To help you, we provide an online documentation with examples, that will be extended on demand.

To Download the plugin click here: Download


First of all unzip the downloaded package !!!

In the folder "documentation_multiselect" you can open index.html with any browser to get access to the offline documentation.

The pluginfiles are located in "". You have 2 possibilities to upload the plugin to your server:

  • Direct upload via ftp or any other tool of the unzipped folder from into wp-content/plugins/
  • Upload via WordPress upload function.

After that is done activate the plugin as you would activate any other plugin under Plugins in your admin menu. "Multiselect Lite Ultimate Query" is now active and you can use it as described in the documentation.

Enjoy the plugin.


Version – initial release