This plugin is an extension for WooCommerce which allows you to generate a QR-Code image and place it on a product page on selectable, predefined locations. To speed up loading the images are cached in a storage folder. It has an integrated PHP QR-Code library (LGPL-licensed implementation), that makes it completely independent from any external API or any third party qr code generator.

General options:

  • All your QR-Code files are cached in a folder to speed up the loading process of your pages.
  • Change the default storage folder for your QR-Code files to any destination you like (below WP standard upload folder) at any time you like. All your files will be moved to the new location automatically.
  • On deactivation/deinstallation you can keep all your settings and QR-Code files for later use or remove them all (helps to keep your system clean).
  • Define your individual prefix for new generated QR-Code files (existing filenames are not changed).
  • Define default settings for generating your QR-Code images.
  • Define a default location, where your images are shown.
  • Disable the output of QR-Code images for the whole website without removing any information and files.

Options on product level:

  • Redefine the basic settings for your QR-Code individually for each product before generating.
  • Choose from the following possibilities to create your individual QR-Code:
    • Enter any text you like (use shortcodes for a link to product URL and homepage)
    • Use the Product URL
    • Define a Bookmark
    • Upload an existing image
  • Regenerate your QR-Code at any time you like with the same or a new content.
  • Replace the existing QR-Code file with a new uploaded file and delete the old one.
  • Use the default output location or define individually for each product.
  • Disable output of QR-Code individually for each product.
  • Delete QR-Code file if not needed any longer for a product

To ensure optimal performance for your site, this plugin is designed to remove all its entries in the database and the generated or uploaded files from the server on deactivation or deinstallation, if you do not want to use it any more. You have the possibility to keep all your settings and files for a later reactivation, if you like. You are also able to change the storage folder to any destination of your choice below the standard WordPress upload folder, at any time. In this case all already uploaded files are automatically moved, so you won't loose any of them. By default, the new folder must not exist. But if you want, you may choose an existing folder. Be aware, that existing files with the same name in this folder will be overridden!.

An internal fallback to a default folder and an automatic upgrade of internal options to a newer version (if detected) ensures the high reliability and easy usage of this plugin.

Most of the code is based on modern OOP-Technics (object orientated programming) and ajax requests – this ensures a high stability of this plugin. In addition the possibility of interference with other plugins due to identical function names is very low.


1. Upload the folder ‘woocommerce-qrcode-manager' to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/' directory
2. Activate ‘WooCommerce PHP QRCode Creator and Manager (by Inoplugs)' through the ‘Plugins' menu in WordPress