This plugin allows you to add one or more font resizer widgets to your site and to give the users the option to change the font size. The plugin acts over jQuery and saves the settings in a cookie – therefore the visitors don't need to adjust the font size over and over again if they reload the page or browse your website. The plugin comes with a sleek ajax driven option panel which allows you to set the default settings but you can also adjust/change these settings for each widget instance. Currently the plugin offers following options/features:

1) Completely translatable with MO/PO files.
2) Unlimited number of font resizer widgets.
3) You can create different instances with different cookies.
4) Apply the effect to the whole body or certain html elements/containers only.
5) Change/Set the symbols for “Smaller font size”, “Default font size” and “Bigger font size”.
6) Change/Set the size for the symbols for “Smaller font size”, “Default font size” and “Bigger font size”.
7) Change/Set time how long cookies are stored/valid.
8) Adjust the resize steps (in px).
9) Ajax driven option page for standard settings.

We provide this plugin for free and without warranty. You can download it here: Download