1) Feature overview:

  • Add fullscreen background images slideshows, html5 video slideshows and youtube video backgrounds/slideshows to your posts, pages & custom post types.
  • All background types (except the Supersized backgrouns slider) have a fluid layout and they scale with the screen size. They are fully responsive and can be used in combination with modern responsive wordpress themes.
  • You can a different background for each post, page and custom post type.
  • Set background images/videos for categories and taxonomies/terms.
  • Apply a category, term/taxonomy background to post, page and custom post types.
  • Set background images for the home, front, search, author, 404, archive, login page and a fallback background option.
  • Each author can use/set an individual background on the author page.
  • Backgrounds are stored as custom post type and you can reuse them as often as you like.
  • Set as many images/videos as you like – they'll be displayed as a background slideshow.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers like IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other modern browsers.
  • Can be used with nearly every theme – premium and free ones. For the most themes it works out of the box (i.e. for TwentyTen or boxed themes). We can assist you with css changes if the are required. Some z-index, container and background color options help you to adjust the background layer and color via admin panel.
  • Fully translatable – the plugin uses PO/MO files for the translation. German translation already included, more to come.

2) Background Types:

  1. Supersized for fullscreen images and slideshows
  2. HTML5 image slider for responsive fullscreen images
  3. Youtube/HTML5 video background – use your favorite youtube videos or html5 videos as fullscreen background
  4. CSS-Background – add standard css background rules (image, color, etc.) to your post, page, custom post type.
  5. KenBurns and other effects background slider (responsive fullscreen images and slideshows).

3) Additional features:

  • Use special backgrounds for mobile devices (we use the browser agent to detect the device). Thus if a mobile device is detected WP-Backgrounds II can use another custom background entry. This option is very useful if you'd like to avoid that mobile users need to download html5 video files, etc.
  • Add a pattern image to each background. You can use the predefined patterns or a custom ones.
  • Add a link to each background slide – background is clickable and can be used for i.e. adverts. Attention: This feature does not work with all themes! You probably need to use a theme with a boxed layout where the content area doesn't cover the whole background.
  • If the theme doesn't support fullsize links you can display a small link icon anywhere on the website instead.

4) Media uploader:

  • You can use the unique image uploader to upload/add your background images/videos or you can enter the urls to external images/videos into a text field. You can even combine both options.
  • The image uploader can also attach existing images from the media gallery or you can upload new files.
  • You can reorder the slides via drag'n'drop.

5) Supersized options:

  • Various transition types like fade, slide or carousel or turn the transition effect off.
  • Set the transition speed (slow, fast or custom)
  • Adjust display time as you like (i.e. every slide can display for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.)
  • Randomize slides
  • Vertical & horizontal image centering
  • Fit portrait and landscape images
  • Fit always – Prevents the image from ever being cropped. Ignores minimum width and height.
  • Min and max image height feature
  • Adjust slideshow settings individually for each post/page.
  • Slideshow navigation with previous, next and play/pause slideshow buttons.
  • Fullsize links or link icon in the slideshow navigation bar. Fullsize links won't work with all themes.
  • Set link target (new window/same window)
  • IPhone fallback feature if you experience any errors
  • You can adjust the slideshow settings for each background entry individually.

6) HTML5 Image slider options:

  • Activate slideshow autoplay (on/off)
  • Randomize slides
  • Adjust display time as you like (i.e. every slide can display for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.)
  • Slideshow navigation with previous, next and play/pause slideshow buttons.
  • Fullsize links or link icon in the slideshow navigation bar. Fullsize links won't work with all themes.
  • Set link target (new window/same window)
  • You can adjust the slideshow settings for each background entry individually.

7) Youtube/HTML5 slider options:

  • Randomize slides
  • Add one or more videos to each background entry
  • Mute/unmute audio
  • Play/Pause buttons for the videos.
  • Fullsize links or link icon in the slideshow navigation bar. Fullsize links won't work with all themes.
  • Set link target (new window/same window)

8) KenBurns slider options:

  • Randomize slides
  • Add unlimited number of images – they'll be displayed as fullscreen slideshow
  • Play/Pause slideshow + next/previous image navigation.
  • Fullsize links or link icon in the slideshow navigation bar. Fullsize links won't work with all themes.
  • Change the resize mode (crop image/no cropping).
  • Set link target (new window/same window).
  • You can configure the kenburns effect for each slide (duration, start/end point and scale factor).
  • Additional effects (beside the KenBurns effect). I.e. the split reveal effect: Demo. You can configure the easing effect, slide and transition duration, etc.

9) Fallback image for Non-JS users:

  • Adds a noscript image to the website content which will be shown if the user deactivated Javascript in the browser settings.
  • Standard fallback or css3 background fallback feature.
  • Use another background entry as fallback source.

10) Custom Login page and panel:

  • Remove wordpress branding.
  • Use your own logo and adjust dimensions via option panel.
  • Add custom logo url and link title to logo.
  • Custom login form look – modern and clean.
  • Add a footer link to the login page.
  • Use fullscreen background images or videos.

11) Custom post type and term/taxonomy support


12) Pattern & background options

  • Set pattern and a background color for your background via options panel.
  • Various pattern image files included.
  • You can upload your own pattern via admin panel.


13) Sleek and modern javascript admin panel

  • Unique image uploader
  • Tab & accordion admin option panel
  • Ajax option saver
  • Reset options feature
  • No database leftover after deinstallation
  • Help fields which guide you through all options


14) Extensive documentation file


15) Great and quick support

We'll try our best to assist you with any kind of issues which may arise during or after the plugin installation. We'll update the plugin regularly to make it compatible with new WordPress and jQuery versions.

16) Restrictions & Limitations

HTML5 Videos are not supported by all browsers. Older browsers (like IE7/IE8) will use a flash player to play the video. If the client doesn't support flash no video will be shown.
HTML5 browsers don't support all video formats but just a few. You can use mp4, webm and ogv as html5 video format. To cover ALL browsers you need to upload the video at least in two different video formats like mp4 and ogv (recommended) or mp4 and webm. The flash fallback requires mp4 – therefore I'd suggest to use ogv and mp4 as video formats.
All html5 files MUST have the same file name except the extension if it's the same video (i.e. if the mp4 video is called “BigBuckBunny_320x180.mp4” you must call the ogv version: “BigBuckBunny_320x180.ogv” and the webm version “BigBuckBunny_320x180.webm”.
Some devices (like Iphone/Ipad) do NOT support the video autoplay feature. This is actually NOT a limitation of the plugin but a restriction which was introduced by Apple. If the video doesn't autoplay the slider will display a fullsize image instead (preview image) and the user can start the video manually by clicking on a big play button. You can reposition this button or deactivate this feature (then the user will just see the preview image and he can't start/view the html5 video anymore.
HTML5 videos sometimes don't work if you try to load them from external servers. In this case you need to upload them to your own server by using the media uploader which comes with WP-Backgrounds II. The media uploader will add the videos to your media gallery.

The fullscreen link feature does not work with all themes. Only boxed themes (like the TwentyEleven theme which is used here: Demo) support fullscreen links.
If you're not using a boxed theme make sure that the background layer is visible (transparent content area, etc.). Otherwise the plugin won't work with your theme.
You can't combine the background types – i.e. it's not possible to use the “Video/Youtube” slider and the “HTML5 image” slider for the same background entry. Thus it's also not possible to show i.e. Images & videos in the background of a page. However you can create two different background entries and display the image background on one page and the Youtube background on another (different) page.
You can't apply two or more background entries to a page/post/custom post type, category or term. Only one background entry is supported at the moment.
The KenBurns slider requires powerful hardware. The effect may not work smooth on all devices.
The number of supported background types can change in the future. We plan to integrate some additional third party slider scripts into WP-Backgrouds II. However if a third party slider doesn't work anymore (eg because a third party script author doesn't support it anymore) we'll replace it with an alternative slider. In this case the features and combinations (video, youtube, images, etc.) can vary.

We use a serial key to verify if your license is valid or not. The plugin verifies the license when you activate or deactivate it and when you update WP-Backgrounds II.
The plugin is under a proprietary license and only some parts of it are licensed under the GNU/GPLv2 and/or MIT license.

17) Minimum requirements for WP-Background II

You need to use at least WordPress 3.3+ (but we recommend to use 3.5+) and your server must meet the requirements listed here: Requirements – namely PHP 5.2.4 + and MySQL 5.0+. In addition your hoster/server must allow/support the php eval() function and must support the wp_remote_get() and cUrl function – otherwise you can't use this plugin.

We decided to temporarily close our shop because we have other priorities at the moment (client work, customization) and we wouldn't be able to provide top notch support. We also stopped selling WP-Backgrounds II for now.