• Set fullscreen background images for posts and pages
  • Option to deactivate WP-backgrounds for certain pages and posts
  • Compatible with all major browsers like IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other modern browsers.
  • Can be used with nearly every theme – premium and free ones. For the most themes it works out of the box (i.e. for TwentyTen or boxed themes). A z-index and a background color option helps you to adjust the background layer and the color via admin panel.
  • Vertical & horizontal image centering
  • Small fingerprint – only a few kb filesize
  • easy installation – works out of the box
  • two options can be configured (background color or z-index). Use the plugin editor to set the values in inoplugs_background_plugin.php

To Download the plugin click here: Download


Version 1.0 – initial release
Version 1.1 – fixed meta box bug on pages & posts
Version 1.2 – improved meta box code for pages & posts
Version 1.3 – fixed some php warning messages and decreased background image js/css file size. Fixed meta box caption typo. Compatible with WordPress 3.2 beta2
Version 1.4 – Fixed bug with rtl direction websites.
Version 1.5 – Updated background image javascript function – solves various display errors with IE7+ and mobile devices.


You can either choose to upload the plugin to your server via ftp (only upload the unzipped folder wp-backgrounds into the folder wp-content/plugins/ ) or via WordPress upload function.

After that is done activate the plugin as you would activate any other plugin under Plugins in your admin menu. WP-Backgrounds is now active and you can go to the option panel under Plugins > WP-Backgrounds immediately.


Go to your post/page editor panel. You'll see a new options field called “Set Background Options”. In the text field paste the url to the image you want to use as background image. If you want to deactivate WP-Backgrounds for this page/post just click on the checkbox and the plugin will be deactivated. You can use external and internal images.

If you want to add more images or if you'd like to have a nice image uploader (i.e. because it's a client cms) with sorting option and gallery attachment option or if you'd like to display your flickr slideshow you can upgrade to the premium version of the plugin.

You can get the premium version of the plugin here: WP-Backgrounds II

Don't forget to visit the live preview page: Demo