Fullscreen background image & slideshow plugin:

1) Feature overview:

  • Set fullscreen background images for posts, pages & custom post types
  • You can set different backgrounds for each post, page and custom post type
  • Set background images for categories, taxonomies and terms
  • Set background images for the home, front, search, author, 404, archive, login page and a fallback background image option
  • NEW since Version 2.0: Adds support for the Attachments Plugin – you can now use existing media libary images with drag'n'drop reordering, etc.
  • Option to deactivate WP-backgrounds for certain pages, posts, categories, terms, etc.
  • Set as many images as you like – they'll be displayed as a background slideshow
  • You can use the unique image uploader to add your background images or you can enter the urls to external images. You can even combine both options.
    You can display image attachements (images which are attached to posts or pages). Use this option in addition or instead of the image uploader and/or external image feature.
  • NEW since Version 1.4: Display backgrounds of categories the post is assigned to. You can select all backgrounds of all categories the post is assigned to by checking “Use backgrounds applied to the categories of this post” in the “Set background option” panel. You can display backgrounds of certain categories only if you enter the category ids (seperated with commas) in the textbox below the checkbox. You can also use the textbox in addition to the category checkbox and you aren't limited to categories the post is assigned to.
  • Instead of the image uploader, the external images and the image attachment feature you can display a flickr slideshow!
    You can change the flickr settings on a per post/per page basis – i.e. it's possible to display flickr galleries of one user on one page and galleries of a group on another. If you want to display always the same group/user gallery the plugin will assist you with a general options feature.
  • Fallback image option: if the user deactivated javascript in his browser options a fullwidth fallback image will be displayed instead (noscript tag). It's possible to randomize the fallback image.
  • Compatible with all major browsers like IE7, IE8, Ie9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and other modern browsers.
  • Can be used with nearly every theme – premium and free ones. For the most themes it works out of the box (i.e. for TwentyTen or boxed themes). I can assist you with css changes if the are required. A z-index and background color options helps you to adjust the background layer and color via admin panel.


2) Slideshow options:

  • Various transition types like fade, slide or carousel or turn the transition effect off.
  • Set the transition speed (slow, fast or custom)
  • Adjust display time as you like (i.e. every slide can display for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc.)
  • Randomize slides
  • Vertical & horizontal image centering
  • Fit portrait and landscape images
  • NEW since Version 1.4: Fit always – Prevents the image from ever being cropped. Ignores minimum width and height.
  • Min and max height feature
  • NEW since Version 1.4: Adjust slideshow settings individually for each post/page.


3) Flickr options (can be adjusted individually for every post, page, etc.)

  • Source: Set, user or group
  • Number of images to fetch (from 1 to 500)
  • Image size
  • APi key
  • …and more


4) Custom Login page and panel:

  • Remove wordpress branding
  • Use your own logo and adjust dimensions via option panel
  • Custom login form look – modern and clean
  • Use fullscreen background images


5) custom post type an term support


6) Pattern & background options

  • Set pattern and a background color for your background via options panel
  • Various patten included
  • You can upload your own pattern via admin panel
  • Adjust the z-index of the background for easy plugin installation and customization


7) Sleek and modern javascript admin panel

  • Unique image uploader
  • Accordion admin option panel
  • Ajax option saver
  • Reset options feature
  • No database leftover after deinstallation
  • Help fields which guide you through all options


8) Custom fields for posts and pages

  • Unique image uploader
  • Rearrange images
  • Flickr options panel


9) Extensive documentation file with screenshots and psd included


10) Great and quick support

I'll try my best to assist you and I'm open for feature requests. I'll update the plugin regularly to make it compatible with new WordPress and jQuery versions.

Don't forget to visit the live preview page (now runs with WP-Backgrounds II): Demo