InoPlugs Webdesign based in Austria provides various services:
Wordpress plugin development Wordpress theme development Wordpress installation and maintenance services Wordpress customization services Wordpress-based turnkey solutions Nextcloud solutions

WordPress plugin and theme development, WordPress maintenance services

We're an experienced webdesign team based in Austria. We work on innovative WordPress plugins and WordPress themes and love to work on all kinds of html, php, css and javascript/jquery projects. We offer affordable websites, WordPress development, theme customization, webdesign and hosting solutions including WordPress-based turnkey solutions. Our highest priority is to organize the code so it works well alongside the WordPress core (best standards/practice) and other WordPress plugins and to make it as secure as possible by hardening all WordPress components.

We build custom websites providing you with an easy to use content management system allowing you to edit your site anywhere, anytime.

All our websites comply with the latest browsers, HTML, XHTML, PHP, JS and CSS standards so that your site is always on it’s best behavior. Websites are built using effective search engine optimization strategies ans with accessibility in mind to ensure you can be found easily online.

Our designs help you to present your products & services in a minimalistic & attractive way. In addition we keep the user interface & user friendliness in mind and don't use “bells & whistles” designs which just distract the user (and your potential client) from the website content.

If you've any questions, customization requests or if you want to get a quote for your webdesign project you can contact us by using the contact form under Contact. We'll try to answer you as soon as possible.

WordPress installation and maintenance services

We also offer WordPress installation and maintenance services, including managed updates of your WordPress theme and plugins.

WordPress theme customization

We work for as framework developers  on WordPress Kriesi themes. His premium themes (e.g. Enfold), are sold at Themeforest.

If you want to customize or extending the functionality of a Kriesi theme we'll help you. Just get in touch with us by using the contact form and we'll make you a quote for WordPress web design, development & theme customization projects.

Nextcloud Services

We work on several Nextcloud projects and offer services like installation of new Nextcloud instances or updating existing Nextcloud installations.